Monday, June 30, 2014


Most dreams leave you feeling Tawdry. I love that word, I've learned to wear it like a much loved dress. You start off in the ballgown (think Paula Yates all starry eyed waiting for Bob Geldoff outside the venue) then fast forward through her life, chosen groupie, yummy mummy, wife of smelly Saint, (build up of panty juices)tv diva, in bed with Micheal Hutchence, (juices flow like Hawkesbury River) on all fours in tabloid press, (DOG steals GOD from Super MODEL) sad face, no place, blown up bosom, balldown ripped and filthy dirty (SCUMMY MUMMY WOT A SLUT!) dragged by short blonde hair with black roots showing through the bowels of Rupert's asshole. Flowers on the graveside of her lover. (KILLED BY KINK)

Life showed her so much promise but left her Tawdry. She ran like the wind with all her cards in her hand putting them on men like they were racehorses she would win! But the bets were switched and her triumph short lived. She ended up back in the box under her father's piano. The Coroners report said the drugs killed her. But we girls know much better.

She died because she'd hung off that cross for too long.

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